Why should you choose a recruitment agency to find you a job?
  • Posted on: 30/08/2018
  • Categorie: Industry

Why should you choose a recruitment agency to find you a job?

You could be either just starting on your job searching journey, or have been at it for quite some time. It’s never too early or too late to use a recruitment agency. Here are a few reasons why you should use agencies.

1. They have vast amount of knowledge about the industry.

Recruitment agencies like Star have experienced personnel working in the company. Many of these employees have worked in the healthcare industry for decades. They know the industry inside out and most importantly, they know recruitment. They will be able to expertly take you through the whole process.

2. They have many contacts within the industry.

Don’t underestimate the power of contacts! Star has built strong relationships with people in all areas of the industry. This could really be helpful if you’re going after your dream job with your dream company.

3. They care about you!

Recruiters want you to do well. Our team at Star are very personable; we want to sit and chat with you over coffee, learn what you really want, and just in general discuss your wants and future goals. We prepare you from the get-go with useful tips, company insight, and interview prep. We are there to navigate each step of the process with you. Just give us a call and we will do our utmost to help you realise your dream career.

4. It’s free!

There is sometimes confusion around whether the candidate gets charged for using an agency. This is not the case! It is completely free of charge to use Star, you will get exposure to our expertise and our contacts.

Want to be considered for a role?

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